GEF Day 2017

This year’s Global Engagement Day was really enjoyable for me, not only because the only way I could attend was to skip my whole morning’s busy schedule of classes (which I gladly did), but also because I was introduced to many new fellow travelers and the sessions were full of useful information and laughs. I attended the first two sessions of the day: the STEM-students abroad and the useful info for first-time study abroad goers. Both groups were small, making for easy-going, round-table type conversation. For me, the STEM session offered more practically helpful information, with tips for pre-equating science classes abroad and about how to make rigid degree plans more flexible to allow for a semester overseas. I will definitely seek out the panel of experienced students I met when it comes closer time to finalize my semester abroad options. On the other hand, I found the session for new travelers extremely entertaining, as it was filled with hilarious stories and “what-not-to-dos” of previous Global Engagement Fellows’ first experiences (and struggles) abroad. I couldn’t have pictured a better way to spend my morning than meeting and laughing with others who love to travel, and with such a great first two sessions I can imagine the rest of GEF Day was a huge success!

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