OU Day of the Dead Festival

This past Sunday I went to the OU Day of the Dead Festival held at Lloyd Noble Center, an event I have been meaning to go to for the past four years. There was live stage music, booths of art and vendors, food trucks, rides, and face painting, most of which was free! My favorite part was seeing the art exhibited along the booth row, including paintings, sculptures of skulls, and so much beautiful, colorful jewelry. There was even a woman creating a black and white charcoal still-life of a skull and roses, which was just really cool and realistic. It seemed like all the little ones at the Festival were having a blast, getting to ride carnival rides for free and having their faces painted. The musical entertainment during the time that I was there was a female singer, and although I do not speak Spanish, I loved her voice and songs. I also thought it was pretty neat that a lot of festival-goers came in traditional dresses, and I even saw some peoples’ dogs wearing colorful capes and enjoying the excitement!

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