Russian Table

Nearly every week, Russian Club hosts a Russian Table, sometimes on campus and sometimes at a local food venue in Norman. Russian students of all levels gather to do nothing more than talk for a while in Russian and enjoy the company of fellow Russian enthusiasts. This type of get-together is critical for language students because it is very informal and removes the pressure typically created in a classroom setting where grades are a factor. It also allows for the introduction and utilization of other conversation topics, rather than the generally structured conversations of a lesson. At Russian Table, we are learning to use everyday language that we make use of in English without any second thought. This setting is further beneficial because there are beginner students and advanced students communicating together, a situation that is unlikely in school, where everyone in class usually has the same language experience. Both the beginner and advanced students are able to learn different things from one another. For example, the beginner students may often hear new vocabulary or be introduced to new grammar topics they have yet to learn, while the advanced students are able to refresh their memories with topics they haven’t encountered in years. I, personally, have only been able to attend the first Russian Table Event so far, due to current commitments in other classes, but greatly look forward to practicing my Russian at more Russian Tables soon.

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