Study Abroad Plans

The most important thing to me, when it comes to study abroad, is to accomplish two things during my time at OU:

  1. travel to a Russian speaking location for an intensive language experience so that I may become fluent
  2. go somewhere else that’s on my bucket list, just for fun

In order to accomplish my first goal, I have already applied for Russian summer CLS. If I do not get this scholarship, I will continue to apply for it every summer because it is a great opportunity. I really enjoyed and benefitted from participating in NSLI-Y last summer, a similar U.S. Department of State funded program for youth. Assuming all goes as hoped for, I will spend this coming summer abroad studying Russian. Then to accomplish my second goal, I have always wanted to travel to Italy, so I’d like to spend a semester (probably spring of my Junior year) in Arezzo.

If CLS is not an option for me, I would like to go to Arezzo next summer (after sophomore year) and take a semester to study at the Nevsky College in St. Petersburg. I have been to St. Petersburg before and absolutely love the city. In addition, I have a few friends I could visit while there. The exchange program with Nevsky is very appealing to me because I would be taking classes in Russian –¬†this would be very challenging, but useful.

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  1. I can definitely relate to wanting to use study abroad experiences to want to work on languages. Essentially every destination that I want to go to, like you, deals with the languages I study. Good luck with Russian!

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