Summer in Stuttgart

Next on my international travel radar is Stuttgart, Germany for an OU sponsored summer program. I have always dearly wanted to visit Germany, as my grandparents and dad lived there on three separate occasions, and I’d love to experience some of the culture my dad grew up in. In general, I absolutely love learning languages, especially those spoken in minority in the U.S. (for example, my Russian). For those reasons, I was stoked to find a program in the summer that was an intensive language program in Germany, allowing complete beginners. Although I hope to do some self-study before the trip so I can potentially form a foundation to build of off and test into a higher German class, I am excited that it is a language program I can enter into regardless of my level. To prepare for my application for this program, I decided to do some Stuttgart research.

Stuttgart in Summer offers the morning language classes and an afternoon class of several choices of topics in English in the afternoon, with included excursions. The class that caught my eye was business, because it is completely unrelated to either of my majors and because Germany is stereotypically known for its automobile industry and efficiency. Stuttgart itself is dubbed the “cradle of the automobile.” It is known by this name because the Benz company was founded in the city and now is home to the Porsche company, as well. I am highly interested in the international business course because excursions to German companies seems like a fun way to learn about the way Germans live and work and have a high level of contact with the German language and culture. I am excited to learn more about the German culture, interesting aspects about Stuttgart itself, the local language, and to, hopefully, participate in the trip!

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