Tulsa’s Oktoberfest

This weekend I went to the Oktoberfest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, named one of the top five Oktoberfest Festivals of the U.S., hoping to enjoy some bittersweet nostalgia about my recent trip to Deutschland and get a little reminding taste of such a rich culture with great food and drink. While it was a fun time, and I think could be an eye-opening experience for those who have not visited Germany, it was, personally, a let-down.  In retrospect, I’m not sure how I had expected a weekend event in the middle of the States could stand up to my 6-week study abroad. Of course, the beer was great, but I had very high expectations for the food, music, and atmosphere. There were the typical German bratwursts, which were lacking in authentic German taste, and hand-cut French fries, which were thin and greasy, unlike the thick fries in Germany that didn’t need any grease to taste as wonderful as they did. Needless to say, my Oktoberfest dinner lacked a certain home-made German meal touch. Obviously, the festival grounds of Tulsa, so slick and mushy from the rain that event-goers traipsed along wooden pallet boards and straw, was nothing like the green beauty I was accustomed to seeing walking the vineyard hills of Stuttgart. Much of the music was pre-recorded or not even German at all, and the live polka band started playing the same songs over again after about twenty minutes. Overall, I had a good time and it seemed everyone else in attendance did, as well, but this event made me appreciate even more the opportunity I had to truly immerse myself in another culture, an experience that cannot be wholly replicated in a different atmosphere.

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